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What is checkthewallet?

From the evolution and development of the blockchain and NFT ecosystem arises the need for validation of the figures that make it up. At Checkthewallet we strongly believe that the value of a token is directly related to the token issuer and simultaneously, that this issuer must be validated and published, so that any member of the ecosystem can prove the origin of the assets.

Companies consistently ensure the possession of a wallet by registering it with a notary, but they do not expose it publically so that any consumer of these products can verify it.

CheckTheWallet is that verifier that guarantees the origin of the assets to ensure the transactions and the value of your purchases.

Verify your wallet and give security to your customers

And as it could not be different, all our verifications are certified under blockchain technology.

Request audit

In order to validate your company’s wallets, you will need to request an audit to us.

Determine the budget based on the validation requirements.

Once the budget is validated, we will carry out the audit that will end with the issuance of a possession certificate of the corresponding wallets and also, its insertion in our database.

Once validated, we will provide you with the corresponding stamps, so you can insert them in your website and in your corresponding profiles.

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